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Hayley S, mom

Little Maestros has been a mainstay of our family's lives since our child was 6 months old and continues to be a favorite class now that he is a toddler. It's the #1 class I recommend to new parents and their families because it is the best. The music is infectiously positive, the staff is warm and caring, and you always come away from a class feeling so good. We are so lucky to have Little Maestros in our neighborhood!

a smiling baby gazes in awe at a music teacher

Lauren C, mom

Engaging. Stimulating. Educational. Fun. That's Little Maestros. With Broadway quality, professional performers, class is jam-packed live entertainment that is enjoyable for everyone—not only babies and kids... but adults too. We love Little Maestros and we keep coming back for more!


Lana P, mom

Best mommy and me class around! I will cherish all the memories we made at Little Maestros forever! By the way, he's 12 now!!


Michelle J, mom

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Lyss Stern, CEO of DivaMoms

All three of my children ages 12, 8 and 2 have taken Little Maestros classes from the time they were 5 months - 3 years of age. There is NO Better interactive music program for the little ones than Little Maestros. My two old sons still sing the songs today! Every parent with a baby should 100% enroll their child in the best most FabULyss program.


Beth P, mom

Little Maestros gives children and their parents the ability to learn through music. I didn't realize how my this experiece would shape my children's lives. My sons (now 10 and 4) learned their letters, numbers, how to socialize and of course the power of music every week with the Band. My son's birthday was a LM party. From start to finish, Marni, Nick and her team are true professionals who understand how to play with kids without insulting adults.


Mindie L, mom

"From the minute my daughter enters Little Maestros, she has a huge smile on her face and can't wait to get out of her stroller and dance around to the music. The performers are extremely talented and the music is enjoyable for adults too! Every class is unique and exciting but follows a predictable routine which is great for helping little ones learn. We love Little Maestros!"


Lana M, mom

Each class is a magical musical experience that is sure to delight you and your little ones! It doesn't matter how old you are sure to hear a tune that will inspire you to jump up and dance!


Jennifer G, mom

To say our family was obsessed with Little Maestros would be an understatement (my son thought he was Nick). :) It is the best kids music class around! Its fun, upbeat and dynamic. Such special memories and friendships were created at your classes and it's was always our favorite birthday party entertainment. #fanssince2003


Lance A, dad

My kids are now 11 and 8, and at times I play the music for us all in the car to sing together. "One little two little three little maestros...."


Diana G, mom

Little Maestros class is our highlight of every week!


Brian L, dad

Emily and jack are 12 and 15 and still remember Little Maestros. Nick was a legend in our house (I used to do a killer imitation)! Step up step up, jump in!!!!!


Beverly G, grandma

As a grandma, I would bring my young grandchildren for an amazing experience of music, puppet shows, fun participation, and an all-around wonderful time at each session. They still remember Little Maestros with great fondness. So do I!


Lauren K, mom

Blake has always loved music but attending Little Maestros really solidified his love. He would go home and pretend he was Nick and play his guitar to Little Maestros songs. Two years later....he's still doing it


Stacey S, mom

Little Maestros is a place where children learn, explore and are entertained. I LOVE LITTLE MAESTROS and the effect it has on little ones. I only wish we had a Little Maestros in Valencia California, so my baby can experience the joy of the classes. xo


Jessica E, mom

My almost 14 year old still remembers it!


Lindsey P, mom

Literally one of my most favorite experiences as a mom has been at Little Maestros. I cannot say enough good things. I loved it so much I cried almost every class the first semester ! It has encouraged not only a love of music but a love of dance, a jump on language , and all aspects of learning. I wish there was a LM preschool. The passion everyone on the team exudes is unbelievable and it is the highlight of my week! Even as an adult without a child I loved hearing them play at events and now it is a dream come true to go with my daughter to class!


Mara Y, mom

My kids are 12 and 9 and it was by far the best class they ever took. I was sad when they aged out of the class. We even had Nick and the Little Maestros crew perform at my son's first birthday party. Memorable!! Every time I walk past the location, and see all the strollers, I just have to smile. Now I'm going to find that CD and play it again for old time's sake.


Denise M, mom

Nothing compares to Little Maestros. It ruined us for other classes.


Bess S, mom

Best place for a music class for your little one! We started at 3 months and my daughter was engaged from the first moment the band starting playing! Can't recommend them enough!


Stephanie L, mom

My daughter's face lights up at the mention of Little Maestros! It's also my favorite class to attend with her. The staff is super professional, warm and talented. We feel like part of the Little Maestros family. We ♥ Little Maestros! 


Nick Levy, teacher

I've been a performer for Little Maestros since the first class in 2002! I've played about 30 classes a week for 14 years! Literally along the lines of 20,000 classes! Here's the thing. It never gets old for me. The performers are so talented and truly love what they do! The band I play with at class every day are truly my best friends too! The music is catchy and fun and often times challenging to play. I feel like I want to bring my "A" game to every class to keep up with the other players in the many Little Maestros classes.  

Performing is truly fun and meaningful! Every day I get to see kids rolling over or crawling or walking or talking for the first time! I have played at so many special Birthday Parties and I'm honored to have been invited to each one!  

There is no better feeling for me than to see a child (or an adult!) feeling the groove of a song we're playing and dancing and enjoying themselves or following the instructions of one of our interactive original tunes!  

When I hear that a child "pretends" to be in the Maestro Band at home I know we've made a difference and I truly believe (as I think all the Little Maestros teachers do) in the power of music as a force of good in the world!


Marjan K, mom

Every class has a special magic that lights up my twins faces. 3 years of life with this class has brought joy and fun and special love for music to my children. Little Maestros was one of the only classes that allowed me to bring my twins by myself and I am thankful for that. Because of this class, my children have learned their passion for music and their favorite instruments to want to play and have learned so many songs to sing. They talk about their birthday having Nick and Melanie performing 7 months later and asking me if they could have the same birthday again. Everyone working there is so kind and pleasant and understanding. Thank you for all that you have done for us and I cherish memories you have allowed me and my children to have together, especially your Valentine's Day party.


Lindsay F, mom

Little Maestros is a big part of our home life too!


Jamie B, mom

All 3 of my kids just adored little maestros spanning 6 years of attendance and 2 different states. My youngest loved it so much, she took her first steps during a performance.


Brittany M, mom

We have had such a great experience with Little Maestros. It is by far the most creative, fun and educational class we have taken! Our instructors Nick and Melanie are so talented and great with the babies. And they make it fun for the adults too! Sienna and her friends have an absolute blast every week!


Karen F, mom

Community building!


Erin N, mom

Annabel loves going to Little Maestros! Every week there are new, fun instruments to play with. It is my favorite activity to do with her!


Adam H, dad

Little Maestros was a corner stone in my kids lives for several years. The classes were great, the community was fantastic and the team was amazing. It was just great all around for everyone in our family.


Michel B, mom

My son has been going to Little Maestros since he was four months old. He absolutely loves it! His face lights up every time I mention the class or sing the theme song to him. I credit Little Maestros for his love of music! The staff is always so warm and friendly and we feel like a part of their family. Every child should experience the magical world of Little Maestros! Marnie- I'll email you some cute photos.


Niko H, mom

At Little maestros class my children reached many of their milestones. My son crawled for the first time trying to get to the mystery box. It was not only a fun and entertaining class for my kids but it was also where I met my best mommy friends and we and the kids are all still close to this day. My kids are 9 and 6.


Hillary B, mom



Michael B, dad

Simply put, Little Maestros is the best children's music class in New York. My daughter and I have been coming to Little Maestros for the past year and love the experience week after week. With so many options, Little Maestros doesn't rest on its reputation. Every week is different, every performance filled with genuine love and enthusiasm. 

It starts at the top, as Marni can be seen at every class, every day, every week at the Upper East side location. She never fails to greet you with a smile and is always available to talk, help with scheduling or do anything that you may need. She is so committed to her business and her customers, she offered to carry my stroller up the stairs during our last visit. Her level of dedication is unmatched. 

Musically, the band is phenomenal. Nick sets the tone and everyone follows suit. He's a great frontman along with being a great musical talent. These musicians are true professionals and have the musical chops to play anything. No place else will someone find a band that can play current top 40 pop, classic rock and a song like "Rappers Delight." Not only are they great musicians, they are also great people... 

The classes are more than just music. Each class includes a story, a puppet show, time spent on sounding out letters and words and so much more. 

Little Maestros has always welcomed me and has always made me feel like part of the family. As a stay at home dad, it's not always easy to walk into a place where the majority of children are with their moms or nannies. At Little Maestros, I've never once felt out of place. My daughter Charlotte and I will always be thankful that we found Maestroville. It's truly the most special place. 

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