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New York Magazine

"The Absolute Best Kids' Music Class  in New York"

"It's no accident that Chris Martin and Tina Fey take their kids here. This infant-and-toddler class is the most joyful, theatrical, and adorable music class imaginable. The 45-minute musical journey takes kids into an artistic fairyland, as they sing loudly and dance freely along with a small band of professional musicians, Sesame Street-level puppet shows, colorful costumes, humongous bubbles, and instructors who literally come straight from Broadway. 

From grooving with the saxophonist to riffing off letters of the alphabet ("The Teddy Bear Had Tiptoed With the Toothbrush"), kids and caretakers are tickled pink from start to finish, and thereafter. Best of all, with eight to 16 kids per class, it's an extremely warm and intimate environment, which is not necessarily what you'd expect from a "splurge" music class for A-listers."

an interactive puppet show

Little Maestros has Sesame Street-level puppet shows. (Photo: Liz Clayman)

Little Maestros Founder Marni Konner On Babies And Music


"You have to register your baby at birth for Little Maestros, the hottest new music class for tots. From four months old they can gurgle along to Bach, The Beatles, jazz, rock — you name it!"



"You are in for a real treat. A music class for kids you have to see and hear to believe. The Little Maestros rock! It's the music class that has all the kids movin' and groovin'. Little Maestros is the band that provides the funky beat and the kids have a blast in this class! So if you think your little one needs to foster the rockstar within, get in line..."



"The hot ticket on the Manhattan kids' scene — the award-winning kids group, Little Maestros!"



"New York has plenty of of good music programs for babies. But we have to admit that we've got a thing for Little Maestros. So we kind of gasped when we heard owner Marni Konner was no longer offering the program at Kidville. As it turns out, her new roster of venues for 2012 is even better! Class sizes will be smaller, and prices a bit lower, to boot."



"...mommy and me music classes from rock to Bach... staff is really friendly and seem to live their jobs... great opportunity to meet other parents... original music performed beautifully by their pianist, guitarist, and drummer... children are free to roam around on the mat during song time... great class variety - puppet shows, playing different instruments, reading books, plus bubbles and dancing..."



"It's the cutest class for babies and a legitimate day party for parents. Our baby's Little Maestros class is the new downtown rock concert. The 4-piece band gets our whole family out of the apartment every Sunday morning (rain or shine)...because my son can't wait to eat all of the instruments, my husband wants to learn the special sentence of the week, and I live for the dancing. And why read a book on a Sunday afternoon when you can sing one? Leave it to Little Maestros to bring out the kid in all of us. I'm kaufMOM obsessed with Little Maestros. The class is my family's #kaufMOMcrush."

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