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Our Story

Rockin' the Block for 20 years!


Little Maestros was founded in 2002 by former Atlantic Records marketing executive and mother of two, Marni Konner. And she still attends every class at the flagship location to hire and train new performers, collaborate with songwriters, and keep her fingerprints on the brand! 

The Little Maestros teachers are top-notch in every respect, from the quality of their talent to their wholesome, enthusiastic way with children. They appreciate that the kids in our program are the future music makers and music lovers. They also know that our families deserve the best so, through research and creativity, they continue to strive to remain NYC's #1 music program. 

Come enjoy yourself in class, make friends, book a birthday party, follow us on Instagram, download our music, watch an episode on demand, email us anytime with questions and feedback!  We thank you and love our LM community!

Step up & Jump in!


Photo by Heidi Green

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